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Each year,nearly 5.8 million people worldwide lose their lives due to the wide variety of the disasters. About 1.24 million of these deaths are related to road traffic accidents. In 2010,road traffic accidents cause 2.52 of the total deaths and 3.04 of disease burden (DALY). More than 90% road traffic deaths occur in low and middle-income countries,while these countries have approximately half of the world’s vehicles. In Iran,as a middle-income country,road traffic accidents are the most deadly accidents. So that 2.5 percent of the total road traffic accidents occur in Iran while 1.04 of world’s population live in Iran. A high percentage of these accidents occur in people over the age of 60. The latest reports have indicated that 16.9 of road traffic accidents occur among the people aged over 60 years and also have noted a growing trend in the country. Regarding the growth of elderly population in the country and the majority of deaths caused by traffic accidents occur in elderly pedestrians,attention to this issue,explaining the dimensions of the problem and providing administrative solutions seem necessary.

Considering the importance of this issue,we have decided to hold the sixth International Conference on Reducing Burden of Traffic Accidents which is focusing on elderly safety. We hope the conference results would help to improve the safety,reduce injuries and increase the authorities’ attention paid to traffic accidents especially elderly people.

- Safe urban designing for the elderly

- Safe access to public places

- Effective interventions on traffic in the elderly

- Risk factors of traffic injuries in the elderly

- The role of law in elderly safety in traffic accidents

- Remedial measures for traffic accidents in the elderly

- Rehabilitation of elderly injured in traffic accidents

- Mental health and traffic accidents in the elderly

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline: December 6,2015
Seminar Dates: February 17 & 18,2016
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